The forests in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska are the most carbon dense per acre in the world, storing more carbon per acre than the rainforests of Brazil.

     The Biden administration has promised to listen to the public and the top scientists. Make your voice heard, let them know you want to protect big trees, wildlife and water.

Why protect big trees?

A century of logging has left us with just a fraction of our older forests.  We grow and harvest trees on industrial timber plantations, and we get our wood and paper supply from those forests.  Our public lands, on the other hand, are set aside for the benefit of all.   By protecting big trees, old growth forests, wildlife and water on our public lands in Oregon, Washington and Alaska, we can do our part to fight climate change, while protecting the places we love. 

One Little Cone

“We see the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve as a model. This program, which was created after the 1973 oil crisis to guard against future supply disruptions, stores nearly 800 million gallons of oil in huge underground salt caverns along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. We propose creating strategic forest carbon reserves to store carbon as a way of stabilizing the climate, much as the Strategic Petroleum Reserve helps to stabilize oil markets.”

– Drs. Beverly Law and William Moomaw, Forest Climate experts

Big trees sure do a lot of things!

     Take action today — ask the new administration to listen to science and the public — and protect big, old fire-resistant trees in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska.